My Approach/Philosophy

My Approach to “Loving” Weight-Loss and Having Peace with Food is designed from keys I have learned from my own healing journey, my education from the foremost experts in the field of Body-Mind, Health, Nutrition, Eating Psychology, Spiritual Healing, and from coaching clients through their struggles with food and their weight.

Each key is a journey in itself and opens new doors that bring you closer to your weight-loss goals, and to a more peaceful, confident, healthy, relationship with your food, your body, and your purpose in life.


My 7 Powerful Keys to “Loving” Weight-Loss
and Having Peace with Food


Key #1: Develop Awareness and Acceptance of Where You Are:

Healing begins with awareness of what is, with acceptance and without judgement. This key invites you to become aware of your present relationship with food, your body, and the other areas of your life, embrace them, and look where you are being asked to grow.

Key #2: Set an Intention and Create a Clear Vision:

Setting an intention and developing a clear vision sets in motion unseen forces of assistance to support you in manifesting your vision. Begin by envisioning the life you would love, the weight you would love, how you would like to be with food, and how you would love to look and feel physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

You have these desires for a reason. As you move toward your vision, the challenges that come up for you are gifts for you to uncover to find hidden qualities within you.

Key #3: Take Consistent, Small, Doable, Loving Steps with Support:

Taking small, doable, loving steps is the most effective way to make lasting changes in your life. It keeps you from falling back into old patterns, reduces resistance, and gives you time to integrate the positive changes.

Having support and sharing your journey with someone else who knows the way is invaluable for you to stay on track and move through the obstacles that get in the way to your goals and vision.

Key #4: Care For Yourself In A Loving, Compassionate way:

How you are with yourself in your journey toward your weight-loss goal is as important as what you eat.  What you focus on, you become;  the road you take determines your destination.  So, if you want to lose weight so you can feel good about yourself, then you need to begin to love and care for yourself now.

Take time to do things you love, that nurture you and bring you joy. Find ways to nurture and care for yourself. Find ways to move your body that you enjoy. Develop a regular spiritual practice that deeply feeds and nourishes you.

Key # 5: Upgrade The Quality Of Your Food and Your Life:

Everything we eat affects the quality of our life and how we feel. And, how we feel affects what we eat. It is all connected.

As you make small improvements in the timing, nutrient balance, and quality of your meals, you will have more energy and feel better as your body becomes more nourished and satisfied.  Then, instead of trying to control and fight your appetite, you can learn to welcome and listen to it.

As you upgrade other areas of your life, such as your work, who you spend your time with, and the quality of your relationships, you will feel better and have more energy for your aspirations and life purpose.

Key #6: Develop a Loving, Grateful Relationship With Food:

How you are with food is as important as the food itself. Most diets and weight-loss approaches are about control, restriction, deprivation, and fighting ourselves. These approaches are inherently proven to eventually fail.

The Loving Weigh to weight-loss is the way of loving, embracing, nourishing, listening, learning, opening, growing, and is a sustainable way of living.

Learn to slow down and become more aware of what you are eating. Learn to enjoy, savore, and be grateful for the food you eat.  Then you can learn to welcome and listen and trust the messages of your appetite and food cravings instead of fighting or resisting them.

Key #7: Heal and Release the Root Causes:

By following the first 6 keys, most people will be much closer to their goals and experience many benefits and relief from their symptoms.   However, many people need to take the journey deeper to receive the long term, more complete results they want.

Healing the root causes behind your weight and eating challenges release the emotional blocks and beliefs that have previously kept you stuck or coming back to where you are, no matter how hard you tried.

This key is overlooked the majority of time in weight-loss approaches and is a big factor why 95-98% of people who lose weight, gain it back within a year or two.

When inner change occurs, outer change is possible and often naturally results.


My Philosophy


I believe there is a perfection in each of our lives and that we have a choice in every situation to open up and become more loving or to close down.

I believe that if we face our challenges, trusting they are for our highest good, our life has meaning and purpose and that unseen forces come to assist us in achieving our dreams. If we shut down and give up hope, life becomes disappointing and frustrating.

I believe the dreams we have in our heart are there for a reason and when we strive to reach them, we naturally come up against the very challenges we need to face to become the person we long to be. If we give up, we will never know who we really are.

I have found this to be true in every aspect of my life and in the transformation of my relationship with food.  The dream I had of feeling good in my body, having peace with food, and my desire to be closer to God brought me face to face with the fears and beliefs I had about myself that I needed to heal in order to uncover the hidden qualities I carried inside myself that I might have never known without it.

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