What My Clients Say

Aamina has the beautiful quality of sensing deep insights. My sessions with her were very meaningful and effective. She gave me allot of suggestions of how to shift my eating habits and how to look at food and myself. There’s a number of question from her that brought me to my knees. Aamina touched the true issues that I was dealing with. I am always grateful for our sessions together.

Richard P.

Thank you A’amina for completely transforming my relationship with food and my bodyI feel liberated about food and don’t carry the guilt with it any more. It is easier to stop now when I do overeat and I’ve lost weight. The homework you gave me has been really been helpful. I am now able to truly say I am beautiful, that I love my body, and that I’m an artist. I’ve had a really difficult time with these my entire life. Thank you so much.”

A’amina, you changed my life.  I think about what you taught me every day.”

“After working with several healers/couches/therapists, I have to say that A’amina is among the best. Only one other couple I worked with even comes close to the success I am achieving with my mind/body/soul work with her.  Her most wonderful attribute is her authenticity and genuine care.  

“I am in a high state of gratitude for your gentleness and acceptance with my resistance.  My chiropractor today asked what happened to me because I was so open.  Working with you is powerful.  I love and appreciate you”.   “You give me everything in a silver spoon in a way that I can digest.”

“I love how you always help me see how many things I am doing right and to see all the progress I am making”

“A’amina helped me with my health and my weight. What I most enjoy about her is that she is very patient and understanding. I love how she shares her experiences with me and the steps she took.  She gave me weekly goals to set for myself, which I found extremely helpful. They weren’t too little to set aside, and not too big to get overwhelming. Her system works. She isn’t going to do it for you, but she will definitely approach you with love, patience, compassion, and a helping hand along the road.”

“A’amina, I am deeply grateful for your love, time, compassion and strength to reach out and help me.”

“I was depressed, hopeless, and stuck in a rut before I started working with A’amina. Following her principles and guidelines, I lost 20 pounds, started dancing again, and am now having lots of fun and enjoying life. Everything in my life turned around.”

“Thank you for being such a loving, kind, and welcoming soul. Your healing was perfect and just what I needed”

“A’amina’s Health Coaching Program was the answer to my prayers. Working with her and applying what she taught me gave me a sense of hope. I became more positive, upbeat, peaceful and contented in my relationships at home and at work.  I lost some weight, started exercising, hiking, cooking simple meals with my son, and ate less unhealthy fast food. I sleep better, have less fear, and am more mindful about eating.”

“A’amina is very patient, loving, kind hearted, compassionate, gentle, positive, and very balanced. She helped me get right back on track when I got off.”

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